Cypher Email Course Is Back!

Cypher Email Course Is Back!

Nenad Malic

A few months ago, we created a free 10-day email course to learn the basics of Cypher - the query language used by Memgraph. It was unavailable for a short time as we updated our website and newsletter, but now it’s back.

So how does it all work? After you sign up for the course, you will receive a short email every day for 10 days on a specific Cypher topic with detailed explanations, code examples and tips.

You will also explore the dataset of the European road network on the Memgraph Playground.

As for the lessons, you will receive the following material:

  • What is Cypher
  • How to filter results with Cypher
  • How to structure your data in a graph database
  • How to deal with cases and duplicates
  • How to use lists and aggregating functions
  • How to modify data with Cypher
  • How to use constraints & indexing
  • How to write & optimize advanced queries

At the end of the 10 days, you will have learned everything you need to get started with Cypher and the graph database.

You will also receive a downloadable guide with all 10 lessons at the end of the course.

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