An Inside Look at Memgraph's Summer Internship

An Inside Look at Memgraph's Summer Internship

Sara Stetic

As part of our summer internship program, six students joined us, hoping to make their summer fun and productive. They were divided into two teams - MAGE and MagicGraph. MAGE team worked on researching and implementing new graph algorithms, where they got the chance to brush up on their Python and C++ skills. MagicGraph team developed graph applications showcasing the strength of Memgraph and graph databases in general while learning new technologies.

What have they learned over the summer?

They started with Cypher query language basics and figured out what are the most often graph analytics use cases. During the internship, they got familiar with different kinds of technologies often used in developing applications with Memgraph - Docker, Kafka, Python (Flask, FastAPI), React, D3, and more. They researched graph algorithms and learned how to use them with Memgraph with the help of MAGE - an open-source repository that contains graph algorithms and modules. And last but not least, they learned how to implement new graph algorithms to tackle the most exciting and challenging graph analytics problems.


What did Memgraph summer wizards work on?

On the MAGE side, Mateo worked on node classification in fraud detection, and Andi spent his time on link prediction in the telecom recommender system. Learn more about our MAGE, how did it all start, who came up with the idea, and who are the masterminds behind the product.

For his MagicGraph project, Adrian chose to do GitHub code analysis, and Lucija made Hacker News Analyzer. Matea and Marko joined their forces to build a docs recommendation system.

All the projects are very interesting and have real-world use cases, so stay tuned for blog posts explaining technology and implementation in detail.


What do you mean, a public presentation?

All the projects ended up being such a great success that we had to share them with the world. Students felt a little uneasy holding an overview of their work on our monthly Graph Data Zagreb meetup, but they went on the stage and gave an excellent presentation alongside cheers from their friends and family.

But wait, you may think, isn’t this a remote internship? Well, remote-ish. Like our employees, our interns can choose where they want to work. Whether it is from home or the office, it is up to them, but we still like to grab a drink in person to mark essential milestones on their journey.

And what do they think?

Matea Pešić, who is pursuing her master’s degree in computer science and mathematics, shared her internship experience:

“I found out about the Memgraph internship program through the event at my university and applied, after which I was invited for an interview and finally got accepted. It was a great experience. In two months, I learned many new technologies and gained a lot of knowledge and skills. Everybody warmly welcomed us and offered their help immediately. The atmosphere was always encouraging and positive, and at no point I felt unwelcome. All recommendations for Memgraph and their next internship.”

Computer science and mathematics student Marko Domagoj Benković told us what he thinks:

“Overall, I’ve had a positive experience and would definitely recommend the internship to anyone interested in graphs or graph theory. It’s nice to see some algorithms in action, applying them to the actual data and not just learning theory about them. Besides learning new technical skills, I also met many amazing people and learned not to be afraid to ask questions, even if they sometimes seem stupid. “


Sounds good?

If you’d like to join Memgraph and work on your own projects, follow us on social media and keep an eye out on We’re hoping to see you for next year’s summer internship.


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