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Core team

Core engineering is backbone of our company and is responsible for building the core database engine behind Memgraph. It includes C++, data structures, and algorithms with a strong focus on graphs, networking, query optimization, and execution

Platform team

Cloud engineering is at the forefront of our Cloud product and Lab, our data visualization tool. From backend to frontend, the Cloud team is responsible for developing the cloud application that manages the Memgraph cluster infrastructure on AWS all the way up to the UI.

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Solutions team

Solutions team is key to improving our company’s product by working on customers’ problems and designing end-to-end solutions. It includes Python, data analysis, data structures, algorithms, and software design/architecture.

DX team

Graphs are all about relationships, and so is our DX team.DX stands for Developer Experience. They are DevRel engineers and Technical Writers, and together, they’re all about building relationships, tools, and documentation that empower and help developers use Memgraph more productively.

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MAGE team

Memgraph Advanced Graph Extensions team develops preoptimized algorithms for Memgraph like Pagerank and Community Detection. They work on an open-source graph analytics library running on top of the Memgraph platform, written in C++, Python, and Rust.

Product team

Product team aligns all the products across the board, prioritises features, and is responsible for UX and visual design - taking the ideas and bringing them to life using their creative professional skills.

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Marketing team

Our Marketing team drives the promotional engine of Memgraph, from day-to-day marketing like content management, social media, and newsletters to supporting and coordinating product launch activities.

Operations team

Our ops team’s #1 mission is to manage and optimize the details that keep the company running smoothly. From hiring to legal to finances and admin, the Ops team is there to support other teams to do their job at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

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