Real-Time Data Sources

A list of accessible real-time data sources and instructions on how to connect to them.

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What is this all about?

In August 2021, we held an internal hackathon where we decided to develop a set of graph streaming applications. The main problem we encountered was that developers were wasting a lot of time trying to find the right accessible real-time data sources and learning how to connect to them. This gave rise to the idea of consolidating this data in one place and sharing it with other developers.

Here is the list so far 👇

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Social Networks

A social network is a network of social interactions and personal relationships. It is also defined as a special website or other application that allows users to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, pictures, etc. Social networks can easily be considered as a goldmine for various real-time analytics.


Spotify Web API

  • Spotify Web API is a service that allows you to retrieve information about artists, tracks and playlists from the Spotify catalog. It was created primarily for developers who want to include Spotify's music catalog in their app or website.
  • Learn how to connect to Spotify and develop a real-time app

Facebook for Developers Graph API

Twitter API


List of real-time traffic sources.


  • Free real-time flight status & global aviation data API. Access comprehensive aviation data including real-time flight status, historical flights, flight plans, flight routes, airports, aircraft and more.

CIRIUM Flightstats

  • Access current flight information, including scheduled, estimated and actual departure and arrival times, type of aircraft, delay calculations, terminal, gate and baggage carousel. Also access information about an active flight, including position (latitude/longitude), previous positions, altitude, bearing, speed and route.

Open Rail Data

  • A collection of APIs that provide data about the UK rail network, including reference data, train timetables, and live service updates.

The OpenSky Network API 

  • A collection of APIs that provide data about the UK rail network, including reference data, train timetables, and live service updates.


List of real-time trading sources.

​​Alpha Vantage

  • Alpha Vantage provides financial market data through a set of APIs. Their APIs are grouped into five categories: 1) core stock APIs, 2) fundamental data, 3) physical and digital/crypto currencies, 4) economic indicators, and 5) technical indicators. 


  • A real-time currency exchange API for current and historical forex rates.

  • Real-time exchange rates for 154 world currencies provided in JSON format.


  • Real-time JSON API for 145+ world currencies with an average response of just 21ms.

Finnhub Stock API

  • Real-Time RESTful APIs and Websocket for stocks, currencies, and crypto.

Free Currency API

  • Customizable JSON API for currency exchange rate data with currency pairs updated every five minutes. 

IEX Cloud

  • The IEX Cloud API provides streaming stock market data.


  • The SaxoOpenAPI provides access to Saxo Bank's trading engine, which includes streaming price feeds.

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