Graph database
that works great with Python

Communicate with a graph database by writing Python objects. Open-source community version available as well as fully-managed in the Cloud.

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Retrieve graph data with Python instead of writing Cypher queries

Our Object Graph Mapper (OGM) for Python called GQLAlchemy allows you to write object-oriented code to communicate with graph databases.

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from gqlalchemy import createquery = create()
       .node(labels="Person", name="Leslie")
.node(labels="Person", name="Ron")        
CREATE (:Person {name: 'Leslie'})-[:FRIENDS_WITH]->(:Person {name: 'Ron'});

Property graph model

Memgraph is a property graph, a type of graph model that excels at showing connections among data scattered across diverse architectures and schemas.

Fully open-source graph database

Memgraph fosters a vibrant and active community of users and contributors. It is free to use, distribute, and modify.

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Well suited for analyzing streaming data

Simplify your stack and move fast by using our built-in streaming connectors. Leverage in-memory first storage to accommodate high volumes of streaming data. On-disk storage available when needed.

Memgraph Platform
The Memgraph Ecosystem for Graph Streaming

Memgraph Lab

Visualize graphs and play with queries Memgraph Lab helps you explore and manipulate the data stored in Memgraph. Visualize graphs, execute ad hoc queries, and optimize their performance.

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MAGE is an open-source library that contains graph algorithms in the form of query
modules you can use right away with our graph database.

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Memgraph Community

The only graph data platform created for analyzing streams. All the tools you need in a single, open-source platform.

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Memgraph Cloud

The easiest way to run graph algorithms on streaming data. Hosted and fully-managed service. No admin.

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