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Why Memgraph Cloud?

Memgraph Cloud is a native real-time graph database built for the cloud. It’s managed by the team behind Memgraph, and takes the day to day hassle of management operations out of your hands so you can focus on building your application.

With Memgraph Cloud, you get predictable and stable sub-second or single-digit second performance on some of the most complex queries and algorithms, while ensuring that your data is safe and results are always correct.

Zero Administration

Fully automated hardware provisioning, database setup and configuration, and maintenance.

Built for Performance

ACID transactions optimized for low-latency and high-throughput, even on your most complex queries and algorithms.

Built for Simplicity

Memgraph Cloud is designed for simple and fast development with Cypher and broad language support.

Simple Pricing

Always know how much you're spending with our simple pricing. Start for as little as $16/month.

Built for Developer Productivity

Build and scale your real-time graph apps faster with a powerful query language, language drivers, and integrated tools. 

Query your data with Cypher

Cypher is a widely-used and declarative query language that is easy to write, understand and optimize for performance.

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Use your favorite programming language

Memgraph Cloud offer broad language support with drivers for Python, Rust, C++, Java, C#, Go, PHP, and Node.js.

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Share your project and collaborate

With the built-in authentication, you can share your projects and collaborate with your team.

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Pause your instance to save on cost

Pause your running Memgraph cloud instance and pay only for the storage saving up to 18x of total operating cost.

Backup and secure your data

Full backups help you store your data securely, and easily transfer it between different projects.

Visualize data, and optimize queries

Memgraph Lab helps you visualize your query results, optimize your schema, and fine-tune your queries.

Start small and scale when you need it

Memgraph Cloud is available on AWS and you can get started for as little as $16/month for a 1GB RAM instance and scale as your project grows.

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