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Visualize graph data with Linkurious

Linkurious, a leading provider of graph visualization and analytics solutions, has joined forces with Memgraph to offer enhanced graph database capabilities.
What do you get with Linkurious?
Linkurious Enterprise is now available to Memgraph users, providing the ability to explore and visualize the connected data already in Memgraph.
Intuitive interface and powerful exploration features to search, visualize, and explore graph data on the front end.
Full-text search, filtering, timeline, geo-location, and query templates customizable to the size and complexity of any dataset.
Access management and graph-based alerts to automatically surface complex patterns in the Memgraph database.
Memgraph's innovative streaming graph database approach offers exceptional performance and flexibility for many use cases spanning from fraud detection to IT and data management. We are glad to add this new option for our clients and are looking forward to working with Memgraph to accelerate the democratization of graph technology.
Sébastien Heymann, CEO of Linkurious
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