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Real-time visualization with Graphlytic

Graphlytic — a top-tier graph visualization and analytics software, has partnered with Memgraph to offer enhanced real-time graph database capabilities.
What does Graphlytic offer?
With an intuitive graph analytics interface, Graphlytic accommodates both beginner users and technical experts. It guarantees effortless visualization of Memgraph data, requiring only your Memgraph connection specifics to get started.
Uncover insights within data using cutting-edge analytics capabilities, graph algorithms, and metrics.
Experiment with customizable visualizations to start interpreting intricate networks with ease.
Leverage Graphlytic’s collaboration features to allow multiple users to work on graph projects.
Memgraph’s streaming graph database brings exceptional performance into the world of graphs. We see a lot of potential for many use cases, from IT management to real-time fraud detection and prevention. Our goal is to make real-time graph dashboards available to every analyst or manager, and our partnership with Memgraph is an important step toward this goal.
Michal Habala, CEO of Graphlytic
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