Our Mission

We’re on the mission to arm every developer and every organization in the world with the right platform and tools to easily solve hard and complex problems

Our Story

Memgraph was founded in 2016 in London, United Kingdom by Dominik Tomicevic and Marko Budiselic.

After working with graph databases for years on several client projects, it became apparent that existing graph database systems were not engineered with performance in mind. Frustrated, Dominik and Marko set out to build a state of the art high‑performance and scalable graph database overcoming the limitation of current solutions.

Today, Memgraph is a modern graph database engineered from the ground up to unleash the power of graph analytics and help accelerate the world’s ability to harness the power of real‑time connected data to build the next generation of intelligent applications. 

Headquartered in London, UK, with offices in Zagreb, Croatia, Memgraph is used by developers and companies of all sizes across the world. Memgraph’s commitment to innovation, technological advancement, and developer ease of use make it the graph analytics platform that delivers the fastest and easiest solution for solving complex graph data problems in production environments.

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Our Values

Our values are the foundation of everything we are doing. They hold a special place at Memgraph and drive us to build world class products.

Put most simply, the prevailing culture at Memgraph is built on and consistently demonstrates trust and fairness based on mutual respect, where two-way promises and commitments are understood and fulfilled. We are building more than a high performing database, we are building a high performing organization where employees are trusted and empowered to make decisions that will bring us closer to our strategic goals.

Our careers and personal lives being on the line, we make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to know what's happening and involve people in decisions that affect their jobs or work environment. In discussions, we are open-minded, respectful, and always striving to learn something new.

We commit to high standards and hold strong convictions but work hard to make sure that our personal biases never compromise our dedication to finding the best solution. Whether you’re a full-time team member or a part-time student, we give everyone a chance to express themselves and contribute their point of view. The best idea wins - regardless of who shares it.

We share a passion for innovation. Fuelled by creativity and smart risk-taking, we experiment relentlessly allowing innovation to grow without fear. We achieve this by bringing together a distinctive mix of diverse skills, experiences, and backgrounds, as well as dedicating time for research and teamwork. 





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