Announcing Our Partnership with FactGem!

Announcing Our Partnership with FactGem!


London, United Kingdom — February 05, 2018 — Today, Memgraph, creator of the real-time distributed enterprise graph database platform, has announced its partnership with FactGem, a leading data analytics technology company based in Columbus, Ohio. The partnership now allows clients real-time, more comprehensive data availability and analysis across their enterprise data.

By combining FactGem’s Data Fabric, which is based on Graph technology, and Memgraph’s next generation Graph Database, clients with even the largest datasets will be able to connect consumer behaviors and preferences to pivot business decisions in real-time. By integrating all available data and joining typically disconnected silos, clients can react to customers’ purchase points even faster, to create loyalty and repeat business.

“Today’s consumer needs a much more sophisticated approach to marketing and targeting,” said Megan Kvamme, CEO of FactGem. “They’re loyal to companies who react as fast as they do. Our partnership with Memgraph gives our clients the ability to create business strategies that move with today’s changing economy and consumer spending habits. This gives clients an advantage in increasingly competitive industries.” “We are delighted to partner with FactGem to bring global enterprises a seamless yet powerful way to unify their data silos and extract real-time actionable intelligence from their connected data at an unprecedented scale,” said Dominik Tomicevic, CEO and co-founder of Memgraph. “We’re looking forward to building a long lasting and close partnership, and together, we will continue bringing cutting-edge and fully integrated solutions to organizations and unlocking the full business potential of their enterprise data.”

About FactGem FactGem integrates your data sources in hours through the FactGem Data Fabric. We don’t disturb existing applications. Data instantly connects according to the business rules that you create in our visual model builder. You no longer have to write expensive and time-consuming code to enforce business rules for your data. Easily and rapidly engage with your data to expose the gems that you have been missing. For more information, visit

About Memgraph Memgraph is the Graph database platform engineered from the ground up to deliver maximum performance on analytical and transactional workloads at enterprise scale, on commodity hardware. Global enterprises are using Memgraph to unlock the full power of real-time connected data intelligence to build the next wave of game-changing applications. For more information, visit or follow us @memgraphdb on Twitter.

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