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Join Memgraph on the Microsoft Build Conference

Join Memgraph on the Microsoft Build Conference

May 25, 2021

Memgraph is participating in the Microsoft Build 2021 conference!

Just like last year, the Build conference will take place in a digital setting, and anyone can attend. The event is taking place on Tuesday, May 25, and Wednesday, May 26. Its shaping up to be an amazing online experience, and Memgraph will be featured among other Microsoft's in-program startups showcasing cutting-edge developer solutions.

We have prepared a lot of interesting content in our virtual booth.

Microsoft Build

You can find an exciting video about exploring complex relationships among Game of Thrones characters using graph analytics in our Demo Center.

The Innovation Center features an interview with members of our Solutions team. They discussed graph analytics and its applications while also mentioning the fascinating use case they have been working on lately.

You can also read our free ebook to discover what makes graph analytics so powerful and how to apply them across a variety of use-cases.

Alongside Memgraph, Microsoft for Startups is showcasing a range of companies at this year's Build, including:

  • Prefect - a new workflow management system designed for modern infrastructure and powered by the open-source Prefect Core workflow engine. It is used in dataflow automation to build, run, and monitor data workflows and pipelines.
  • Split - a feature delivery platform designed to help engineering teams manage feature flags, monitor release performance, and surface data to make ongoing, data-driven decisions.
  • LottieFiles - animation workflow platform, creator of an open-source text and vector-based file format that’s tiny, high quality, interactive, and can be manipulated at runtime.
  • Moveworks - a company that uses AI to help resolve help desk tickets through automation. Moveworks automatically resolves employees’ tech issues, from resetting passwords to provisioning software to answering IT questions.

Have you signed up to attend virtually? There's no cost to attend & we’ll be there so hit us up!

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