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Introducing The Memgraph Community Forum

Introducing The Memgraph Community Forum

March 1, 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Memgraph community forum as an important step in our efforts to provide you with the best support possible at every step of your journey.

So far, we have experimented with a few different support tools including Slack, emails, and Intercom to help answer your questions. Slack has definitely been the most active, but we have found it difficult to keep track of issues and ensure timely responses. This resulted in many questions going unnoticed and overall poor experience for many Memgraph developers.

In an effort to achieve our goal of delivering you the best support possible, we have come to the decision to concentrate the bulk of our support efforts on the Memgraph community forum where we’ll make sure our team is as responsive as possible. Our team will still check Slack periodically, but posting your questions on the forum will be the quickest way to get timely and accurate answers from both our team and other Memgraph developers. The forum is organized in the following topics:

  • Announcements. In this category, you'll find all the latest product and company news from Memgraph and our partners.
  • General. This category you'll find all topics that are relevant to the broader Memgraph developer community and the Memgraph development team.
  • Memgraph Lab. In this category, you'll find everything related to Memgraph Lab, our IDE, designed to help you with every stage of your graph development and learning process.
  • Docs Feedback. In this category, you can suggest improvements and help us build clear, accurate, and detailed technical documentation for Memgraph developers.

In the long run, we're hoping to build a rich repository of questions and answers that will allow you to find answers to common questions quickly and help us build better products based on your feedback.

As always, we welcome your questions and feedback. Feel free to reach out to us on our Discord server.

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