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Getting started with GQLAlchemy


GQLAlchemy is a fully open-source Python library that aims to be the go-to Object Graph Mapper (OGM) -- a link between Graph Database objects and Python objects. GQLAlchemy supports Memgraph and Neo4j.

An Object Graph Mapper or OGM provides a developer-friendly workflow that allows for writing object-oriented notation to communicate to a graph database. Instead of writing Cypher queries, you will be able to write object-oriented code, which the OGM will automatically translate into Cypher queries.

Quick start

1. Install GQLAlchemy

Either install GQLAlchemy through pip or build it from source. If you are using Conda for Python environment management, you can install GQLAlchemy through pip.

2. Learn how to use the OGM

With the help of the OGM guide you can learn how to map Python classes to graph objects, save them into the database and load them from the database.

3. Learn how to use the query builder

There is no need to learn the Cypher query language when you can use the query builder in GQLAlchemy to perform the same tasks.