Windows Instructions

Get Started with Memgraph in Minutes

Install Debian

Open your command line interface and install Debian.

Debian install graphic
Download Docker & Enable Experimental Features

If your download hasn’t already started, download Docker here. After you’ve opened Docker, make sure you have enabled integration with WSL under the Settings/General menu: 

Screenshot of Resources tab in Docker

Under the Resources tab, enable integration with default WSL distro.

Screenshot of General tab in Docker
Restart Windows

May be a good time hit the bathroom with this one - let your lean, mean machine-machine set up and then you can dive right in.

Install Memgraph Platform

Run the following lines and you’re in the home stretch:

Install terminal
Run Memgraph

You know what they say… This should work. 

Run Memgraph image
Connect to Memgraph

Head of over to the Docs, you're ready to connect!

Documentation & User Guides

Get on the fast track with Memgraph Documentation

Explore our guides, samples and references to analyze
your data with Memgraph

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Discord Community

Join our Discord community and engage in meaningful and useful conversations with other Memgraph developers and the Memgraph team. We are all here with the same goal - building world class graph applications. 

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Memgraph Forum

“As responsive as possible” is our motto when it comes to the Memgraph forum. Post your question and it will be answered either by Memgraph team members or by the growing community of Memgraph developers. Your feedback is valuable in building an even better Memgraph.

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