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Stream Data,
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Wrangle your streaming data, build sophisticated models you can query in real-time and develop applications you never thought possible, faster than you can imagine.

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Memgraph Platform

The 1, 2, 3 and 4 of Memgraph...

Step 01

Connect to your streaming source in minutes

Memgraph directly connects to your streaming infrastructure so you and your team don’t spend countless hours building and maintaining complex data pipelines.

  • Ingest data from sources like Apache Kafka as well as MySQL, CSV and JSON.

  • Get started in minutes using built-in data connectors, pre-built backend templates, or our API.

  • Keep your data in sync with your source with continuous data ingestions.

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Step 02

Turn your streams into a graph and model your data

Memgraph uses the property graph data model, which stores data in terms of objects, their attributes, and the relationships that connect them.

  • Intuitively map complex data problems without having to worry about JOIN operations or other complex constructs.

  • Easily maintain, change, and expand your data model without spending days rethinking it.

  • Enrich your data model by adding attributes and labels to your nodes and relationships, including timestamps, geospatial data types, and many more.

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Step 03

Run queries, algorithms, and custom procedures using Cypher or Python

Memgraph provides a standard Cypher interface to query your data. Cypher is a widely-used and declarative query language that is easy to write, understand and optimize for performance.

Write complex traversal queries in an easy and intuitive way without worrying about joins and recursions.

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Leverage dozens of existing graph algorithms directly from Cypher or easily extend Cypher with your own custom procedures in Python.

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Step 04

Get real-time, graph-enriched results for your applications

What does this mean for you? You get predictable and stable sub-second or single-digit second performance on some of the most complex queries and algorithms while ensuring that your data is safe and results are always correct.Easily connect and start sending real-time results to any destination using your own code, or one of our pre-built connectors.

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Try out Memgraph with Playground

Learn and explore graph algorithms with prepared data sets, example queries and integrated graph visualizations 

  • 11 data sets, over 60 queries
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Custom Queries
  • Graph Styles
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Memgraph Playground

Deploy it Your Way!

For developers building production-ready real-time streaming graph applications.

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