Open-source graph database

Memgraph is the easiest way to run lightning-fast graph algorithms and visualize your data.

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Unlock insights unattainable with traditional data models

Find patterns and similarities within your data that relational data models have no ability to. Run dynamic as well as traditional graph algorithms by using simple Cypher queries instead of piling SQL joins.

Property graph model

Memgraph is a property graph, a type of graph model that excels at showing connections among data scattered across diverse architectures and schemas.

Fully open-source graph database

Memgraph fosters a vibrant and active community of users and contributors. It is free to use, distribute, and modify.

Core capabilities

Optimized for Low Latency

We ensure Memgraph is lightning fast and delivers high performance on both transactional and analytical queries even in highly concurrent environments.

Engineered for Resiliency

Making sure your data is both correct and safe is easy with automatic snapshot and write-ahead logging, fully supported with ACID transactions.

Sensitive Data Security

Easily manage how users and roles access data and automatically log user activity to a secure location to meet the highest level of compliance.


Make sure your data is always available with industry standard high-availability and replication.


Keeps the dataset in memory for fast access. Persists all writes to permanent storage to survive reboots and system failures.

C/C++ Implementation

Build high performant applications and write advanced custom procedures leveraging Memgraph’s native C Query Module API.

Memgraph Platform
The Memgraph Ecosystem for Graph Streaming

Memgraph Lab

Visualize graphs and play with queries Memgraph Lab helps you explore and manipulate the data stored in Memgraph. Visualize graphs, execute ad hoc queries, and optimize their performance.

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MAGE is an open-source library that contains graph algorithms in the form of query
modules you can use right away with our graph database.

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Memgraph Community

The only graph data platform created for analyzing streams. All the tools you need in a single, open-source platform.

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Memgraph Cloud

The easiest way to run graph algorithms on streaming data. Hosted and fully-managed service. No admin.

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