Although we try to implement openCypher query language as closely to the language reference as possible, we had to make some changes to enhance the user experience.

Unicode Codepoints in String Literal

Use \u followed by 4 hex digits in string literal for UTF-16 codepoint and \U with 8 hex digits for UTF-32 codepoint in Memgraph.

Difference from Neo4j's Cypher Implementation

The openCypher initiative stems from Neo4j's Cypher query language. Following is a list of most important differences between Neo's Cypher and Memgraph's openCypher implementation, for users that are already familiar with Neo4j. There might be other differences not documented here (especially subtle semantic ones).

Unsupported Constructs

Unsupported Functions

General purpose functions:

Aggregation functions:

Mathematical functions:

List functions:

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