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Export data

Memgraph allows you to export all the data from the database, or results from an executed query.

Export database

Export database to the following file formats:

You can also export data to Elasticsearch and enable continuous data synchronization using the elasticsearch_synchronization query module available in MAGE - graph algorithms and modules library.

Export query results

Query results can be exported to a CSV, TSV and JSON file using Memgraph Lab.

To export query results from Memgraph Lab:

  1. Run a query or select results you want to export.
  2. Click Export results and choose CSV.
  3. Save the file locally.

Results can also be exported to a CSV file using the export_util.csv_query() procedure from MAGE - graph algorithms and modules library.

Where to next?

Now that you exported data, import it back into a new Memgraph instance.