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Version: 2.5.2

Install Memgraph

Install Memgraph Platform and get the complete streaming graph application platform that includes:

  • MemgraphDB - the database that holds your data
  • Memgraph Lab - visual user interface for running queries and visualizing graph data
  • mgconsole - command-line interface for running queries
  • MAGE - graph algorithms and modules library

Scroll down to the operating system of your choosing and install Memgraph Platform with Docker. If you only need to install a database instance, install MemgraphDB with Docker or some other available installation option.

You don't want to bother with installation? Done! Memgraph Cloud at your service - register and run an instance in few easy steps.



Install Memgraph Platform (recommended)



Install Memgraph Platform (recommended)

Install MemgraphDB



Install Memgraph Platform (recommended)

Newer versions of Memgraph might not be backward compatible with older versions and you might not be able to load storage snapshots between different versions. In that case, please contact the Memgraph team at [email protected] and we'll help with the migration as much as possible.

Available Memgraph Docker images