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Version: 2.5.2

How to manage Python environment

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Managing Memgraph's Python environment

After some time, any production system requires updates for the packages it uses. For example, when developing a new query module that requires the latest networkx version.

If Memgraph is already deployed somewhere with an installed networkx package, you would probably like to use some package manager, e.g. pip or conda, to delete the old networkx, and install a new networkx package. You definitely wouldn't want to redeploy the whole Memgraph just because of one Python package.

However, Python caches all modules, packages and the compiled bytecode, so this procedure cannot work out of the box. So after installing the new package, you need to use the utility procedure mg.load_all().

So the whole process looks like this:

Uninstall the old package:

pip uninstall networkx

Install a new package:

pip install networkx=<new_version>

Reload all query modules:

CALL mg.load_all();