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Version: 2.5.2

Drivers overview

Quick start guides

Find out how to create a simple Hello, World! program that connects to Memgraph and executes simple queries:

Supported Languages

If you want to query Memgraph programmatically, you can do so using the Bolt protocol. The Bolt protocol was designed for efficient communication with graph databases and Memgraph supports versions 1 and 4 of the protocol. Check out the Bolt protocol drivers for the following programming languages:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

Secure connections are supported and disabled by default. The server initially ships with a self-signed testing certificate located at /etc/memgraph/ssl/. You can use it by changing the configuration and passing its path within the following parameters:


If you are using your own certificate be sure to enter the correct path to the certificate.

To disable SSL support and use insecure connections to the database erase or make comments out of both parameters (--bolt-cert-file and --bolt-key-file) by adding a hashtag in front of them.