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Version: 2.5.0

Connect to Memgraph

Memgraph supports the openCypher query language which has been developed by Neo4j. It is a declarative language developed specifically for interaction with graph databases, which is currently going through a vendor-independent standardization process. There are multiple ways of executing openCypher queries against Memgraph and you can learn more about them below.

Connect via Memgraph Lab

Memgraph Lab is a lightweight and intuitive visual user interface that enables you to execute Cypher queries and visualize graph data.


Connect via mgconsole

A command-line interface for querying Memgraph.


Connect via Driver

Connect to Memgraph from your favorite programming language. We support a wide range of drivers.


Connect via WebSocket

Connect to Memgraph using a WebSocket connection.


Where to next?

You can also easily connect to an instance running in Memgraph Cloud. To learn more about the Cypher language, visit the Cypher manual or Memgraph Playground for interactive guides. For real-world examples of how to use Memgraph, we strongly suggest going through one of the available Tutorials.