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Version: 2.2.0


Articles within the tutorials section serve as real-world examples of using Memgraph.

Cypher and graph analytics tutorials

These articles tend to provide the user with a reasonably-sized dataset and some example queries that showcase how to use Memgraph on that particular dataset. We encourage all Memgraph users to go through at least one of the tutorials as they can also serve as a verification that Memgraph is successfully installed on your system.

So far we have covered the following topics with basic tutorials:

If you are looking for more complex tutorials that include the usage of database functionalities such as query modules, then take a look at these:

Building applications and other tutorials

These articles demonstrate how to build real-world applications that use graph analytics and how to perform complex network analysis with Memgraph. Each one focuses on a specific problem.

ArticleGitHub codeStreaming data
Visualizing and Analyzing Reddit In Real-Time with Kafka and MemgraphRepository☑️
Analyzing Interactions in a Slack Communication NetworkRepository☑️
How to build a Spotify Recommendation Engine using Kafka and MemgraphRepository☑️
How to Visualize a Social Network in Python with a Graph Database: Flask + Docker + D3.jsRepository
How to Develop a Credit Card Fraud Detection Application using Memgraph, Flask, and D3.jsRepository
Building a BitClout Social Network Visualization App With Memgraph and D3.jsRepository
Identifying Essential Proteins using Betweenness Centrality & Memgraph MAGERepository
How to Build a Flight Network Analysis Graph-Based ASP.NET Application with Memgraph, C#, and D3.jsRepository

We have also covered the following topics: