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Version: 2.1.0


Memgraph is a graph analytics platform based on an ACID-compliant high-performance transactional in-memory graph database featuring highly concurrent data structures, multi-version concurrency control, and asynchronous IO.

Memgraph features

Supported featureCommunityEnterprise
Hybrid InMemory / OnDisk Storage Engine++
ACID Transactions++
Optimized for Low Latency and HighThroughput++
Development, Testing, and Evaluation Use++
Production use++
Custom Cypher procedures++
Custom graph algorithms++
Importing data++
Advanced Password Policies+
FineGrained Access Control+
Auth Module+
Full Activity Auditing+


Memgraph includes a set of Python query modules based on the NetworkX library of algorithms. You can find more information about all the available algorithms in the NetworkX guide.

Machine learning

Memgraph TensorFlow op wraps the high-performance Memgraph client for use with TensorFlow, allowing natural data transfer between Memgraph and TensorFlow at any point of the model. If you are interested in using Memgraph for machine learning purposes take a look at: