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Help us build the
future of graph computation

We can't get there alone. Take a look at the jobs below to see if we're a good match.

100% Remote

Simply put, everyone is remote.
And it works.


We predominantly work and hire in Europe.


By M12 Microsoft’s Venture Fund and HeavyBit

If you love solving intricate problems
you'll love it here

There's just one issue with this job. You will spend 30 minutes explaining graph computation to your family. Because the wonderful bunch below is building an end-to-end platform designed to solve complex graph problems in real-life

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You don’t get a ping pong table
But you get this

Flexible hours

Flexible, remote work that allows people to move the day or even week around and match productivity to inspiration.

No unnecessary admin

Apart from flexible hours, we have a flexible sick policy and an annual leave policy that do not require paperwork.

Budgets to treat yourself

A budget to make your home office comfortable and uniquely yours, and a budget for learning and development.

Financial benefits

100% paid sick leave and a fully paid additional health insurance. A monthly allowance to pitch in for extra costs like Internet usage and a monthly gym allowance.

Team get-togethers (virtual
and in-person)

Company retreat at least once per year. Virtual company-wide lunches. Team building budget.

And more!

Company retreat at least once per year. Virtual company-wide lunches. Team building budget.

*We aim to provide equal benefits to all employees; however, benefits may vary depending on different local laws.

Our people are at the core
of Memgraph

We strive to hire the most curious, ambitious, and smartest.
We want to make sure you’re surrounded by the best and our team's achievements prove that.









The interview process is remote
And it works really well

We use Google Meet for video calls, and we got used to having video calls from kitchens, living rooms, or home offices. We tend to follow the same process for both engineering and non-engineering roles

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Open positions

Don't wait around for an opening to show your interest and get in touch with us. We're always looking for awesome people to join Memgraph. You can contact us on [email protected] or send your resume to [email protected] and we'll have a look!

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