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Memgraph is built for teams who expect highly performant, advanced analytical insights - compatible with Bolt protocol and Cypher query language, easy to plug and play and up to 120x faster than Neo4j.

Memgraph for agencies

Take advantage of a highly connected, flexible data model that scales along with your clients’ projects

Memgraph allows companies to stay agile and confidently add new data to enrich their arsenal without waste or losing important context in the noise. 

Overly complex SQL joins and queries are a thing of the past - an intuitive property graph data model allows you to visualize all your data and is easily updated, leading to better decisions in the long run.

Retrieve graph data with Python

Retrieve graph data with Python

Boilerplate CRUD operations can get tedious on large scale without the right Object Graph Mapper. GQLAlchemy is a standalone OGM for Python that allows you to write object-oriented code to communicate with graph databases, and its library is fully open-source so your developers can start working right away.

Developed to plug-and-play
into any infrastructure

Connect to your database instance with a wide range of drivers or WebSocket without compromising on your favorite programming language.

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Retrieve graph data with Python

Eliminate all the fuss with an 
all inclusive, simple pricing model for Enterprise users

Our pricing scales only with memory capacity. We charge unique data only, so you can use as many replicas and CPU cores as you need. All Enterprise features are included at every price point, with no restrictions - build internal or customer facing apps and stay within your clients’ budget.

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For analysis of our production networks we apply complex graph analytics. Until we found Memgraph, no other service met our needs in terms of flexibility, performance and custom analytics. Now we are able to integrate complex graph analytics into our internal applications, and deploy them with ease at global scale.”

- Fortune 500 Chemical Company

Use cases

Use Case Card Fraud Detection Memgraph
Credit Card Fraud Detection

Eliminate chargback fees and unrecovarable fraud in real-time.

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Use Case Insurance Frau Detection Memgraph
Fraud Detection in Insurance

Confidently expose fraudulent claims and swiftly process legitimate ones.

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Use Case Recommendation Engine Memgraph
Recommendation Engine

Predict customer behavior and make accurate product recommendations.

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Applications, not Analytics

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